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Do we need a Carbon Monoxide detector in our home?

Carbon Monoxide or CO is very dangerous. It can’t be seen or smelled and without a carbon monoxide detector. Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling installs and services the National Safety Institute’s Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor to help our customers combat the silent killer – CO.   Consider these facts about Carbon Monoxide: Carbon.. read more →

What Are We Breathing?

Air pollution is a common contributor to lung disease. Diseases such as asthma, respiratory tract infections and lung cancer claim over a quarter of a million lives every year. While some forms of air pollution are uncontrollable. The indoor air quality of your home or office is something that can be controlled. Poor indoor air.. read more →

Mold- Construction & Remodeling

If you are building a new home, or just doing some remodeling, you may have concerns about mold and its possible health effects. Besides expensive damage to your property, mold growth can contribute to poor indoor air quality in your home, potentially resulting in dangerous health problems. Mold concerns have been getting a lot of.. read more →

12 Steps to Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

1. Test your Indoor Air Quality If your family is sensitive to mold, you may conduct tests for mold only; or you can do a comprehensive test with a complete breakdown of your air makeup, helping you decide where problem areas lie. These tests are relatively inexpensive and readily available, and are a great starting.. read more →