Heat Pump Maintenance,
Tune Up & Cleaning

The Peak Performance Energy Saver Maintenance Plan for Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling covering your heat pump includes all necessary annual maintenance, tune ups and cleaning to keep your heat pump running at peak efficiency.

Our heat pump maintenance plans are the most comprehensive for residential systems in the Kansas City area and generally pay for themselves in lower energy bills and early detection of issues before they become big repair bills.

We offer heat pump maintenance plans for mini-split, air source, dual source and geothermal ground source heat pumps.

Included in our Heat Pump Maintenance, Tune Up and Cleaning Service:

  1. Clean the Heat Pump – We will remove all accumulated debris from the outdoor Heat Pump system. Leaves and other debris can cut down on efficiency.
  2. Clean the AC Condenser Coil, Reversing Valve, Auxiliary Heat Strips & Drain – Efficiency depends on keeping the condenser coil free of dust and other debris. A clean drain is essential to keep condensed water draining freely.  A reversing valve that is not operating properly can waste energy & cause a loss of heat.  Heat strips that are not operating properly can cause a loss of heat or increase electric costs higher than necessary.
  3. Check the Heat Pump Refrigerant Charge – Having the proper amount of refrigerant in the system is important. If the check shows a low level of refrigerant, further checks may need to be done to locate a possible leak, and then refrigerant is added.
  4. Check the Heat Pump’s Electrical Systems – The current draw of the compressor and operation of relays and other electrical components are checked.
  5. Lubricate Condenser Fan Motor – Quiet, smooth operation of the condenser fan is important. If lubrication is required the technician will do it properly.
  6. Check Heat Pump Filter, Thermostat, Defrost Timer & Indoor Components – Inside your home, the technician will check all indoor components for proper operation.
  7. Check Heat Pump Wiring & Refrigerant Hoses – All wiring, both high and low voltage, along with refrigerant hoses, will be checked.
  8. Inspect Duct Work for Leaks and Proper Insulation – All accessible duct work will be inspected at least once in the first year of your agreement.

If any problems are detected during our heat pump inspection and check up, the technician will discuss the need for any repairs with you and provide an accurate estimate of repair costs. In most cases, no repairs will be needed, but if they are, making them before problems get worse can save hundreds of dollars.

Why is Heat Pump Maintenance, Tune Ups & Cleanings Important?

  • Required by Heat Pump manufacturers to keep your warranty valid
  • Ensures your system works at peak efficiency
  • Helps reduce your utility bills
  • Can prevent costly repair bills by uncovering small problems before they become expensive ones

Heat Pump Tune Ups Available to the Following Kansas City, MO ZIP Codes:

64013, 64014, 64015 (Lake Tapawingo), 64015 (Buckner), 64016, 64029, 64030, 64034 (Greenwood), 64034 (Lake Winnebago), 64050, 64051, 64052, 64053, 64054 (Independence), 64054 (Sugar Creek), 64055, 64056, 64057, 64058, 64063, 64064, 64066, 64070, 64075, 64081, 64082, 64086 (Lees Summit), 64806 (Lake Lotawana), 64088, 64101, 64102, 64105, 64106, 64108, 64109, 64110, 64111, 64112, 64113, 64114, 64120, 64121, 64123, 64124, 64125, 64126, 64127, 64128, 64129 (Kansas City), 64129 (Raytown), 64130, 64131, 64132, 64133 (Kansas City), 64133 (Raytown), 64134, 64136, 64137, 64138 (Kansas City), 64138 (Kansas City), 64139, 64141, 64142, 64142, 64145, 64146, 64147 (Martin City), 64147 (Kansas City), 64148, 64149, 64171, 64172, 64179, 64191, 64192, 64196, 64199

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