Water source heat pump hvac unit

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pumps are highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that utilize water as a thermal conductor. These advanced systems operate by efficiently rejecting heat to a water-pipe system, also known as a water loop, to provide cooling during summer. Similarly, they absorb heat from the same water loop during winter, enabling effective heating. This innovative technology ensures efficient and reliable temperature control, making water source heat pumps an exceptional and sustainable choice for residential and commercial applications.

Lee’s Summit’s Top Water Source Heat Pump Services

Eric Kjelshus is a highly skilled energy efficiency expert specializing in installing, troubleshooting, and repairing water source heat pumps. As a professional in the field, Eric understands the importance of using heat pump water source systems to maximize heating and cooling efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. Clients can trust Eric to provide top-notch service and unmatched water source heat pumps expertise, making him the go-to professional in the local Lees Summit area.


Water source heat pump installations have become increasingly popular among green energy consumers. At Eric Kjelshus Energy, we have provided excellent water source heat pumps since 1972. Unlike traditional air-source heat pumps, water source heat pumps utilize the natural heat of a water source, such as a lake or a well, to provide both heating and cooling. Not all HVAC companies have experience with WSHPs, but our team is well-versed in their installation and maintenance. We understand the unique requirements and benefits of heat pump water source systems.


When faced with water source heat pump troubleshooting, you will want the Eric Kjelshus team of professionals to approach the situation. They will identify the problem by examining the system’s components, such as the compressor condenser and water source. After pinpointing the issue, a thorough analysis will be conducted to establish the most appropriate solution. This may involve repairing or replacing faulty parts, adjusting water flow rates, or recalibrating the thermostat settings. It is essential to consult an experienced technician with the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot water source heat pumps effectively.


Our professional technicians have years of experience in diagnosing and fixing issues with water source heat pumps, ensuring that your system is back up and running in no time. Not only do we provide excellent service, but we also offer our repairs at affordable prices because we believe that everyone deserves access to reliable heating and cooling solutions.

Why Water Based Heat Pump Saves Money

Water source heat pumps (WSHPs) are an excellent way to save money while enjoying a comfortable indoor environment. Unlike traditional systems that generate heat, WSHPs transfer heat, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. When the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building is minimized, you will save money and positively impact the environment.


How does a water sourced pump work?

Water sourced heat pumps are simple in design and offer one of the most efficient and reliable HVAC systems. WSHPs use the constant temperature of water as a heat exchange medium. A water sourced heat pump extracts heat from the water source during winter and then transfers it to the building. The process is reversed in the summer, by removing heat from the building and transferring it to the water source to cool the indoor space

What is the difference between a heat pump and a water source pump?

Bottom line: A water source heat pump extracts and disperses heat by water instead of air.

A major advantage of a water source heat pump is its ability to provide individual climate control for different areas within a building. Unlike a single traditional heat pump unit that serves the entire space, each connected heat pump water source operates independently. This allows for efficient heating and cooling in various zones, ensuring comfort while conserving energy.

Does a WSHP HVAC system use refrigerant?

Yes, a water source heat pump will use refrigerant to transfer heat between water and the air inside a building. When circulating refrigerant in a closed loop, the heat is absorbed from the water or rejected into it, depending on the heating or cooling mode. This process makes water source heat pumps extremely versatile and effective for climate control which is sustainable and cost-effective

Is water based heat more efficient than air-source heat pumps?

The advantage of water source heat pumps lies in their ability to maintain a consistent source temperature, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings compared to air sourced heat pumps. Additionally, WSHP systems provide better heating and cooling capacity, as water has a higher capacity for storing and transferring thermal energy compared to air. These benefits make water source heat pumps a preferred choice for many commercial and residential applications, offering superior performance and energy efficiency.

What is the life expectancy of a water source heat pump?

The life expectancy of a water source heat pump is quite impressive, operating efficiently for 15-20 years without major complications. This extended lifespan can be attributed to the meticulous design and high-quality components utilized by manufacturers. Many WSHP HVAC systems are designed to be retrofitted, allowing seamless integration with existing equipment when replacements become necessary. This ensures a smooth transition without any disruption to your heating and cooling system.

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