Is Your Evergy Bill Increasing? Eric’s Heating and Cooling Can Help

In the news: Evergy (Kansas City’s local utility billing service) deals a blow to our living expenses by announcing higher utility bills will be charged to customers before the winter of 2023. 

The good news: You have a trusted Heating and Cooling Company in Kansas City with Eric Kjelshus Energy, who will help deflect the blow of increased energy bills.  

Why Is My Utility Bill So High? Response from a Heating and Cooling Expert

Don’t you wish you could find another energy company with lower prices, like finding the best grocery store that works better for your budget? Competition with utility billing services sounds good.  The lack of competition is causing high utility bills. Evergy customers also have to deal with tiered plans, which charge higher rates during the hours when you are most likely to use more energy; that’s pretty sly if you ask me.  To lower our utility bills, we are left fighting back by playing their game. And here’s another thing: Did you receive the Evergy flyer in the mail offering HVAC services that will be included with their billing? Wow, they know high utility bills will not be received well – and is that a conflict of interest?

What Eric Recommends To Save on Your Power Bill

According to our utility billing service’s tiered peak energy use plans, we could fight back by running the washer, dryer, stove, and other appliances during the low peak hours. It’s not a convenient plan for most of us, but it is an energy-saving strategy. You could also turn down the thermostat during sleeping hours. Most of us do not need the water heater to be set on high, so lowering the water heater’s temperature also helps.

Eric Kjelshus is an HVAC expert who can effectively lower energy bills through energy audits. Based on your situation, Eric will make the best recommendations to lower energy costs. The rates for energy audits will vary according to residential or commercial requirements, the size of your property, and the type of energy audit performed. As a general rule, however, energy audits for your home will cost you $250 to $500, but they can save you thousands of dollars.   

 How Eric’s Energy Audit Will Lower Your Power Consumption

If you need help paying utility bills, Eric’s energy audits will lower your energy costs. Eric’s energy audits will reveal valuable energy-saving opportunities. To ensure that no air or heat is lost, which is a major contributor to soaring utility bills, restricted filters will be replaced, and repairing small holes and leaks in your ductwork will be completed thoroughly.  We can ensure that even the farthest rooms from your heater stay warm by addressing these issues. Eric will also assess the efficiency of your water heater, check insulation levels, evaluate your lighting setup, and inspect appliances and electronics. Energy-efficient appliances and electronics will lower energy costs. Carbon monoxide testing is also a part of our energy audits for your safety.  Deflect Evergy’s higher energy bills with an energy audit. Let Eric’s Energy Audits be your energy-saving sidekick to save on utility bills.   

Eric’s Energy Helps Businesses Save Thousands

Eric’s Energy has an impressive track record of conducting energy audits without interrupting daily business operations. Our team of experts specializes in identifying areas where energy consumption can be optimized, reducing overall costs for our clients. We understand the importance of managing expenses, and our services aim to lower utility bills while maintaining high efficiency. Eric’s Energy Audits provide professional and practical solutions to help business save money on utility bills.  

What You Need to Know Moving Forward About Your Energy Use

Moving forward, you should know that Evergy will increase our energy bills by this winter (2023). Evergy has filed an application requesting a 9.77% rate increase, resulting in a net increase of $204 million.  If these rate increases are approved, homeowners in Kansas City will pay utility bills that will be higher by $14.24 monthly.  Many in KC need assistance with utility bills as it is, and we will be paying higher utility bills in just a few months. With this knowledge, we should find ways to conserve energy everywhere possible. The best way to do that is to hire a professional for an energy audit to precisely show us how to lower energy costs. 

Eric’s Energy Heating and Cooling Is Ready to Help You Save

Eric Kjelshus Energy is a trusted and professional local heating and cooling company in Kansas City. With the rising costs of utility bills, we understand the importance of lowering energy costs and reaching out to our community to help. Through energy audits, we’ll help you identify areas of improvement in your energy usage, allowing you to reduce energy consumption, which translates to lower energy costs. We provide affordable, top-notch service and expertise to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

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