Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling is an established leader in the Kansas City area for providing exceptional geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Our highly trained geothermal heating and cooling installers also offer expert geothermal system repairs including geothermal heat pump repair.

How Geothermal Heating Works

Instead of extracting heat from the cold air as traditional heating systems do, geothermal systems extract heat from the ground through a loop system of underground pipes. Heat pumps underground concentrate heated air where it is returned to your home. Temperatures below the earth’s surface are fairly consistent throughout the changing seasons. By absorbing ground heat from the abundant supply stored beneath your home, geothermal heat pumps consume less energy.

Consider these fun facts: 

  • Gas furnaces (burning natural gas as a heat source) have a 98% efficiency rate. That’s pretty good right? 
  • Geothermal systems are exceedingly more efficient with collecting heat from the ground with efficiency rates between 400 to 600%.  WOW, that’s fantastic!  

Where does Geothermal Energy Come From?

Where does geothermal energy come from? The ultimate source of geothermal energy comes from the sun. The sun warms the earth, and the ground absorbs and holds its heat well. Geothermal systems use the constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home. Geothermal systems are eco-friendly and are the most efficient means to heat and cool your home.

How Will Geothermal Systems Cool Your Home?

You can lose your cool when paying the air conditioning bills. Geothermal systems will ease your pain with efficient ways to cool your home while conserving energy at the same time. Geothermal systems work by forcing heat from your home into the ground through a loop system of pipes. Your refrigerator works on the same principle. Geothermal systems are significantly more energy efficient because ground temperatures are steady all year long; transferring heat between your home and the ground is very practical.

What makes Eric Kjelshus Energy’s Geothermal Services Better than the rest?

The basic principles of how geothermal energy works is straightforward. Implementing a geothermal heating and cooling system tailored to the needs of your house that works with your property is a true art and science. Well trained technicians are a must for geothermal systems to deliver efficient energy to your home through a resilient delivery system that stands the test of time. Not all geothermal service providers are able to synchronize all of these moving parts together to create a durable geothermal heating system. The result from less experienced technicians leads to geothermal systems that break down sooner. Our geothermal technicians are trained and experienced to handle all aspects of your geothermal system flawlessly, and to ensure it is suited to your home’s needs.

Types of Geothermal Services We Offer

Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling offers the following geothermal services:

Geothermal Heating

Our environmentally friendly geothermal heating systems save our customers money on their energy bills.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps use much less energy than fuel burning in a boiler or a furnace or by the use of resistive electric heaters. Ground source heat pumps use the most energy-efficient technologies for an innovative way to heat your home economically.

Geothermal Cooling

Geothermal cooling offers sustainable air conditioning that is convenient, efficient, and cost effective.

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