Map of Lee's Summit where Eric's Energy offers heating and cooling services such as air conditioning, heat pumps, furnaces, and geothermal services.

Eric’s Energy Heating and Cooling in Kansas City

Eric’s Energy is a prominent heating and cooling company and takes pride in offering exceptional heating and cooling services to the residents of Kansas City. We have built a reputable presence in the Kansas City area by prioritizing customer service, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to delivering effective and dependable solutions for all heating and cooling requirements sets us apart as a trusted provider in the Kansas City community.

Kansas City’s Preferred Heating and Cooling Solutions

Eric’s Energy is the preferred option for heating and cooling services in Kansas City. Our seasoned team specializes in a complete variety of heating and cooling services designed to ensure year-round comfort for your Kansas City home or business. Whether it’s installations, repairs, maintenance, or replacements, our skilled technicians provide outstanding service with a solid commitment to our Kansas City customer satisfaction.

Eric’s Heating in K.C.

At Eric’s Energy, we provide a full range of heating services to ensure comfort throughout the year’s colder season. Our experienced technicians are skilled at servicing a variety of heating systems, including:

Eric’s Cooling in K.C.

When the scorching summer weather arrives, leave it to Eric’s Energy to ensure Kansas Citians stay comfortable and cool. Our air conditioning services in Kansas City encompass a broad spectrum of choices, including:

We offer maintenance, installation, and repair services for a variety of cooling systems, such as:

  • Traditional
  • Central Air
  • Mini-Split

Eric’s Energy Geothermal Solutions in Kansas City

Leverage the potential of geothermal energy with Eric’s Energy proficiency in geothermal systems. We provide outstanding geothermal heating and cooling services in Kansas City. Our specialists are well-versed in installing and maintaining geothermal systems, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for your residential or commercial property. Embrace the advantages of geothermal technology, which include energy savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Eric’s Energy Solar Services in Kansas City

At Eric’s Energy, we extend our expertise to solar services enabling you to harness renewable energy sources. Our solar solutions provide an eco-friendly method to reduce your carbon footprint and energy expenses. Whether you’re considering solar panel installation, repairs, or maintenance, our team will navigate you through the procedure, guaranteeing optimal performance of your K.C. solar system.

Eric’s Geothermal Energy Audits in K.C.

If you want to understand your energy consumption and seek methods to enhance efficiency, Eric’s Energy provides Kansas City with thorough energy audit services. Our certified experts will evaluate your property, pinpointing energy savings and utility cost reduction opportunities. Armed with our energy audit reports, you can make well-informed choices to optimize the energy efficiency of your K.C. home or business.

Kansas City’s Peak Performance Energy Saver

At Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling in Kansas City, our N.A.T.E. Certified Technician Team brings a wealth of skills to guarantee the peak performance of your systems. Our extensive peak performance maintenance plans cover all your mechanical gear, such as gas and oil furnaces, boilers, dual source, air source, and ground source heat pumps, central A.C., ductless mini-split solutions, as well as humidity control solutions and air filtration systems.


At Eri’s Energy, our unwavering dedication is directed towards catering to the needs of both the residents and businesses of Kansas City. Our unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service, superior quality products, and dependable, efficient solutions sets us apart as the foremost heating and cooling company in the K.C. Metro Area. Our primary goal is to cultivate trust and surpass expectations, aiming to establish enduring relationships with our valued K.C. customers.


Earning the BPI GoldStar Contractor label, Eric’s Energy in Kansas City has reached the pinnacle of energy efficiency and performance standards. This certification guarantees that our clients receive cutting-edge and highly effective solutions for their heating and cooling requirements. At Eric’s Energy, our commitment to innovation and energy-saving options enhances our customer service practices and benefits the environment.

In addition to our BPI GoldStar Certification, our company has earned many other awards, underscoring our commitment to the best heating and cooling services in the K.C. Metro Area!

Eric's Energy BPI Badge

N.A.T.E. Certified Technicians – Gas Furnaces, Air to Air Heat Pump, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Distribution, Air Conditioning, Oil Furnaces, Service & Installation
National Balancing Institute – HVAC Airflow Diagnostics & Air Balancing
Refrigeration Service Engineers Society – Heat Pumps Service Technician
Block Master Mechanical – Master Pipe Fitter & HVAC & Refrigeration Supervisor
Building Performance Institute – Carbon Monoxide Analyst & Building Analyst
Missouri Heat Pump Association – Heat Pump Certification Program
Missouri Gas Energy Preferred Professional Contractor


Eric’s Energy has garnered numerous accolades and awards for exceptional service, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to our Kansas City customers’ satisfaction. These trophies are a source of pride for our team and illustrate our commitment to our customers in K.C. When you choose our award-winning contractors, you can rest assured that you are receiving the utmost expertise and professionalism for all your heating and cooling requirements.

Contractor of the Year 2001-3 Air Contractors of America
Duct Design 1st Place T.E.A.M.
ACCA adjusting for Peak Efficiency 2002 Annual Conference
Comfortech 2001 Looking for Holes- Nashville, TN
Quality Home Comfort Award- Contractor Business 2003


Are you ready to enjoy high-quality heating and cooling services in Kansas City? Contact Eric’s Energy Heating and Cooling today and talk with one of our experienced technicians. We’re committed to delivering timely and dependable services, ensuring your home or business stays comfortable year-round. Don’t hesitate—book your service now and let us handle all your heating and cooling requirements.