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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling installs and services the National Safety Institute’s Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor to help our customers combat the silent killer – CO.

Did you know?

Carbon Monoxide- Kansas City MO Air Filtration
  • Carbon Monoxide kills thousands of people each year & injures many more
  • Like oxygen, CO enters the body through the lungs during the normal breathing process
  • It competes with oxygen by replacing it in the red blood cells
  • Reduces oxygen to the heart, brain and other vital organs
  • In high concentrations, CO can kill in minutes


Features of the NSI 3000 Low Level Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor:

  • Carbon Monoxide Aarm- Kansas City MO Air Filtration ServicesAn advanced electro mechanical sensor designed to accurately measure low levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) providing an early warning of toxic CO levels in your home
  • Detects CO continuously
  • Resistant to false alarms caused by normal household contaminants
  • Digital readout of CO in parts per million (PPM)
  • A continuous circling line on display when the reading is below S PPM
  • 2 year limited warranty

Do you need a carbon monoxide detector in your home?  Click Here to find out.

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