What is an Energy Audit?

Energy audit companies, such as Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling, provide energy assessments to determine your building’s energy efficiency. These assessments are a great tool homeowners and businesses can use to formulate a plan to minimize energy use and lower their power bill.

One of our registered energy advisors will conduct a detailed commercial or home energy assessment, identifying energy-saving measures using multiple tools.

If you didn’t know energy audits exist, you’re not alone. We will guide you on how they work and how to prepare for one. 

 How a Home Audit Helps You Save Money

A home energy audit identifies any energy loss to help keep your home more comfortable and save you money in the long run. Changes can include simple steps such as upgrading old bulbs to new LED options or larger projects like new siding or windows. We will help you identify energy wasters that can add up, like electronics being plugged in or in hibernation/sleep mode when not in use and still consuming power.

How Businesses Can Cut Back Expenses With A Commercial Audit

An energy audit from Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling can help you identify ways to reduce your costs and improve efficiency. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

If you are leasing your building, you may only be able to make internal or non-permanent changes. Consider these options when you have minimal control, such as:

  • removable weatherization
  • window treatments
  • draft blockers
  • reducing hours electronics are powered on when dormant
  • upgrading appliances, business machines, and light bulbs to energy-efficient versions. 

What Should You Do To Prepare For An Energy Audit?

Make a list of the areas you already have concerns about. Do you have rooms that are difficult to make cozy, such as being drafty or always stuffy?

Provide a summary of your energy expenses in the last year. Your utility company may provide a year summary online for easy access. This baseline will give your auditor a starting point before they begin their review.

Additional information that can help make the most of your evaluation:

Is the home occupied 24/7, or empty during a large portion of the day while everyone is at work or school?
What is the average thermostat setting used in winter and summer?
How many people live in the home? For businesses, how many people work in the building?
Is every room used for most of the day, or are some used during set hours?

One key thing to remember is that any further decisions are up to you. We will never pressure you to take on an efficiency improvement plan or commit to huge projects with hard sell tactics.

Common Questions About Energy Audits & Results

What To Expect On The Day Of The Audit

Here is a simple checklist of key steps to expect when your auditor arrives.

  • Analyze previous energy and fuel bills
  • Discuss any known concerns with the property owner
  • Explain the audit process
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Health & Safety Inspection
  • Interior Visual Inspection
  • Assess Electrical Systems
  • Combustion Appliance Inspection
  • Blower Door/Draft Testing
  • Analyze Results & Create a Plan of Action

Plan of Action After Reviewing The Analysis

Once you have examined the home or commercial energy audit, the eye-opening experience may leave you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer totality of the prospect! Our experts understand both reactions and everything in between!

As you consider options for future energy efficiency. Start by listing the projects and prioritizing, using a simple yes, maybe, or no system and a now, next, or later category.

Things that get a ‘yes and now’ during this first pass are high-priority or more easily completed items.

Now the ‘yes but next’ priority. Even though these energy-saving tasks have a manageable cost, they take time to install or complete.

Remember to look for rebates or tax incentives that may help you make these changes. Your utility company and your energy audit company can assist in finding and qualifying for these.

Find Additional Information About Energy Audits & Rebates at Energy.gov

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