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Energy Audits & Residential Energy Assessments – Kansas City, MO

GoldStar ContractorEric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling is the Kansas City area leader for performing energy audits for homes and commercial buildings.

Our Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Energy Auditors will conduct a thorough physical evaluation of your property and create a formal report on how you can reduce your energy consumption and expenditures by as much as 50% and improve the overall efficiency of your home or building.

Our BPI Certified Energy Auditor Will:

  1. Energy Audits Save MoneyPerform a complete physical evaluation of your entire building including roof, walls, floors, basement, crawlspace, windows, doors and all entry points such as chimneys, electrical/cable, pipes, vents and all lighting & appliances.
  2. Using infrared cameras to identify hot/cold spots of leaking air and blower doors to test the seals for energy loss through entry points.
  3. Inspect the condition and performance of all mechanical systems like air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, air exchanger, ventilation duct work and thermostat.
  4. Provide you with a detailed report on how to improve the energy efficiency of your building including recommended insulation, weatherization and equipment upgrades and projected energy savings.

Frequently Asked Energy Audit Questions:

What is an Energy Audit? An energy audit is a service where an certified energy auditor evaluates the energy efficiency of a home or commercial property to identify ways to improve energy efficiency and decrease energy expenditures. The auditor will use tools like blower doors and infrared cameras along with personal observation to identify problem areas and then create a formal report for the building owner. The audit may also assess the efficiency, physical condition, and programming of mechanical systems such as the heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment, and thermostat.

Do I have to do everything in the report right away?  No.  This plan begins with an evaluation of the economic returns of various energy-saving actions and retrofits, and then adds in your plans for painting, siding, remodeling, or additions, and considers your uses for attic and basement space. The plan may take five years to implement, but it can save 50% of your energy usage.

How much to Energy Audits Cost?  Energy audits are typically $400 to $600 for a residence.  Large or older homes may be slightly more.  For commercial audits, the cost depends on the size and age of the building.  Please call Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling and speak to one our BPI Certified Auditors for a quote.

What to Expect When You Call Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling
BPI Certified Professional Eric KjelshusProfessional Can Do Attitude – Our unrelenting commitment to quality and never-ending dedication to excellence in customer care and outstanding service has made us the #1 residential service provider in the Kansas City Metro area.
N.A.T.E Certified and Factory Trained Technicians – We only hire the best and then we make sure they are trained to handle your heating and cooling needs. Our Techs are honest, professional and courteous.
Satisfaction Guarantee – We guarantee all repairs for 1 year and offer up to 10 year factory warranties on all installed equipment.
No Surprise Price Guarantee! – The price we quote you is the price you pay.