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Whole House HEPA Air Filtration Installation Blue Springs, MO

Whole House HEPA Air Filtration & Purification System Installation Blue Springs MOEric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling is the Blue Springs, MO leader for whole house HEPA filtration system installation.

We install and service Honeywell’s TrueClean Whole House HEPA Air Purification Systems to help keep air your breathe in your Blue Springs, MO home cleaner and your family healthier,

We install Honeywell’s HEPA air filtration and purification system because it has an Advanced 3-Stage Filtration Technology using an unique three-step process that cleans the air in your home like never before.

The Charge-Capture-Destroy process not only captures more particles than traditional media filters, but also deactivates up to 99% of those particles – keeping your home and family safe

Why Install a TrueClean HEPA Air Filtration System in Your Blue Springs, MO Home?

  • Highly Effective – Captures a wide range of particles including airborne dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores and other bacteria
  • Replace Filters Less Often – Lasts up to four times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter. Replace every 6-12 months
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Noiseless operation and out-of-sight installation allows you to enjoy clean air in your home without interfering with your daily life
  • 5-Year Warranty

What does HEPA mean?

High-efficiency particulate air or HEPA is a type of air filter. Filters meeting the HEPA standard have many applications, including use in medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft, and homes. The filter must satisfy certain standards of efficiency such as those set by the United States Department of Energy (DOE). To qualify as HEPA by US government standards, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 micrometres.

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